Yay! It is finally summer! I'm so excited for the warmer weather. I'm kind of obsessed with this color palette. It really evokes the feeling of bright sunshine and temperatures above 80º. I'd love to see you use this color scheme in your summer projects - you can download the .ase and Procreate swatches here. ♥

Create With Color // Winter 2018

Do you want to know a secret? Spring is my least favorite season. Say what?!?!? It's an unpopular opinion, I know. For me spring is that awkward time in between winter and summer when everything is brown and it constantly rains. By the time everything is green again, I feel like it is summer. That is probably why this spring color scheme is so summery - I'm just ready to get through spring and onto summer!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this bright and cheerful palette. You can download the .ase and Procreate swatches here. ♥

I'm so excited to start this Currently Inspired series! This is a chance for me to share things that really get me out of a creative rut and excited to create. There are no rules for what I'm going to share. It could range from a collection of images from Pinterest, favorite Instagram accounts, or music that really speaks to me. I hope you find something that inspires you through this series, and I'd love to hear about what inspires you!

"The answer is always no if you never ask." -Perspective Podcast Ep. 100

PERSPECTIVE PODCAST // If you are a creative that enjoys listening to podcasts, then the Perspective Podcast should be at the top of your list. This is hands down my favorite podcast for creative inspiration. Hosted by Scotty Russel, the podcast has a good mix of monologue episodes and interviews of designers that I admire. Every episode if filled with delicious little chocolate chips that satisfy my creative sweet tooth. (That was a cringe worthy metaphor, but I'm going with it.) I love that this podcast really digs into the challenging parts of being a creative, not just sharing success stories. I can't even begin to tell you how many chocolate chips I've gotten from it, so go give it a listen for yourself!

DESPERATE MAN by ERIC CHURCH // I'm a huge Eric Church fan, and when his new album was announced last year I was beyond excited. It quickly became my favorite album over the past few months. Of course the lyrics are great, but I really love the musicality. Now, I have never learned anything about music, so I don't have the right words describe how this album makes me feel. There is just something so unexpected yet grounded to it. While listening to Desperate Man, I just feel so inspired and yet centered. Even if you aren't a fan of country music, I encourage you to give the album a listen.

TIMOTHY GOODMAN // I came across Timothy Goodman's Instagram account for the first time a few months ago, and I was instantly a fan. Not only is his style crazy fun, but he also isn't afraid to share his thoughts about mental health and the struggle of being human. He is incredibly authentic, which makes it feel like you are talking to a friend when watching his videos or reading captions. It doesn't hurt that I think he is adorable. (I might just have a tiny crush.) Also, rumor is that he has a mural in downtown Salt Lake City, and I'm dying to go find it and get pictures.